What does it mean when you find a feather

What does it mean when you find a feather

What does it mean when you find a feather

Many messages in our lives, come to us in the most unexpected ways. And when you think about that, what better way is there then a lovely unexpected message and gifting from above?

So, what is the meaning behind these messages? Is there any significance at all in not only the colouring of the feather but where we find it?

I believe there is. I believe that everything around us is a message from Life, The Universe & Everything. I believe this is what is meant by ‘we are not alone’, and ‘we are always guiding you’. I believe if we truly looked within, worked out our emotions BEFORE we acted upon them, that we wouldn’t need any outside influences to guide us. We after all are ONE with EACH OTHER. ALL IS ONE IS ONE.

But, until that moment that we truly listen to our own inner voice, inner guidance, let’s celebrate the fact that we have planned this message, and received it loud and clear.

To understand the full message be sure to read Physical & Spiritual Meaning of Feathers Post first.

What does it mean when you find a Feather? 
What does it mean when you see a Feather falling in front of you? 
Do Feathers have healing powers? 
Whether you have been walking on your spiritual path for eons of time or just stepped forward, the information received was out of a need, and urge to learn more about what feathers mean, and why they sometimes magically appear.  
Are they here to teach us something about ourselves? 
Can feathers hold messages for us, that can unlock healing and change? 
Can they help with creativity and bring messages from beyond time and space? 
I believe they can. 
I believe they do. 
And by the end of this book, you will too.

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