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What is the meaning of finding a Hawk Feather?

Did you find a Hawk Feather?

Have you recently found a Hawk Feather & wondered if there was a Spiritual Message for you to know?

Here is the message from the Universe for you from finding a Hawk Feather: 

Physical Meaning of finding a Hawk Feather:

You are being asked to listen to the advice that friends and family are giving you. The messages you are receiving about the decision you must make is correct and only comes from love. Allow yourself to let go of the control and surrender. You will always be guided to the best place for all involved. Allow your soul to be guided.

Affirmation: “I am so grateful for the love and guidance of my family and friends. I am so blessed that my life is filled with the company of loving souls and true friendships. My life is filled with honest communication and I am protected fully in that love”.

Spiritual Meaning of finding a Hawk Feather:

You are being asked to take notice of your dream state and waking state. The Universe, God, Spirit is delivering message to you and you need to stop, breathe and take in those messages fully. Your life is taking a turn that will lead you on the path to happiness, joy, success and love. Stop. Listen. Write down your dreams. Listen to your messages.

Take notice of EVERY sign that is leaning you into a direction. You have the gift of hearing your past loved ones. Listen to them.

Affirmation to say when holding the Hawk feather you found: “I listen to my souls needs and am so grateful for my Universal gifts. I am so blessed that my life is filled with Universal protection. My life is incredible and I am gifted with insights that allow my life to be lived with happiness, joy and laughter”.

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What does it mean when you find a Feather? 
What does it mean when you see a Feather falling in front of you? 
Do Feathers have healing powers? 
Whether you have been walking on your spiritual path for eons of time or just stepped forward, the information received was out of a need, and urge to learn more about what feathers mean, and why they sometimes magically appear.  
Are they here to teach us something about ourselves? 
Can feathers hold messages for us, that can unlock healing and change? 
Can they help with creativity and bring messages from beyond time and space? 
I believe they can. 
I believe they do. 
And by the end of this book, you will too.

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