What is the meaning of finding a Fluorescent Green Feather?

What is the meaning of finding a Fluorescent Green Feather?

Did you find a Fluorescent Green Feather?

Physical Meaning 

Your money situation is about to change. An unexpected windfall. New adventures/new life. Fertility. A new life is being planned for you. You are being given a gift from the Universe. Accept positivity. Keep noticing the Universal signs around you. You are being led, you are being guided. Trust.

You are vibrating at the energy of wealth. You are being asked to accept a gift. Gratitude is surrounding you and you are in the right place at exactly the right time.

Affirmation: “I love that money follows me. I accept all forms of abundance in my life right now. I am free to do what I want and have what I need. My future is bright. I am financially free!”

Spiritual Meaning

A new life, new cells of healing forming. Choose light, happier, joyful energy to surround yourself with. You are being guided to let go of the past for good. Step into the future. Focus on happiness and health. A healing is taking place. Accept the the past is no longer relevant. Let go for good and let the Universe nurture you. Your guides are surrounding you with healing energy. They have been waiting.

Affirmation: “I am healthy, renewed and healed. My body and mind are happy and healthy. I choose happiness and health. With every breath I take I am becoming happier and healthier. I am happy. I am healthy. I am loved. I am healed”.

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What does it mean when you find a Feather? 
What does it mean when you see a Feather falling in front of you? 
Do Feathers have healing powers? 
Whether you have been walking on your spiritual path for eons of time or just stepped forward, the information received was out of a need, and urge to learn more about what feathers mean, and why they sometimes magically appear.  
Are they here to teach us something about ourselves? 
Can feathers hold messages for us, that can unlock healing and change? 
Can they help with creativity and bring messages from beyond time and space? 
I believe they can. 
I believe they do. 
And by the end of this book, you will too.

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