What is the meaning of finding a Feather on or near water?

What is the meaning of finding a Feather on or near water?

Have you ever found a feather on Water and wondered what it meant?

You are being guided to express your most vulnerable emotional side. Allowing yourself to feel the emotions as they bubble up, releases the energy that you have been holding onto so long. It is ok to be vulnerable.

You are being guided to acknowledge the strength in tears, the strength in asking for help. There will be times in the next few days, that anger may come. Let it come, for when anger subsides, the tear will flow. This is what is needed now. Emotion and emotional cleansing and clearing.

To understand the full message be sure to read Physical & Spiritual Meaning of Feathers Post first.

What does it mean when you find a Feather? 
What does it mean when you see a Feather falling in front of you? 
Do Feathers have healing powers? 
Whether you have been walking on your spiritual path for eons of time or just stepped forward, the information received was out of a need, and urge to learn more about what feathers mean, and why they sometimes magically appear.  
Are they here to teach us something about ourselves? 
Can feathers hold messages for us, that can unlock healing and change? 
Can they help with creativity and bring messages from beyond time and space? 
I believe they can. 
I believe they do. 
And by the end of this book, you will too.

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