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What is the meaning of finding an Eagle Feather?

Did you find an Eagle Feather?

Physical Meaning

You are being asked to step back in a situation and look at it from a distance before making a decision. Find the strength in weighing up your options before you make a firm decision. You are being guided to trust in the Universe, God, Spirt. Have faith that you will not be alone, you will always be protected. Stay still Breathe. Then make a decision.

Affirmation: “I am grateful that I have the gift of insight. I am blessed that I allow my soul to guide me, and acknowledge the Great Spirit within me and all around me. I breathe in deeply and am filled with love and understanding”.

Spiritual Meaning

You have been gifted with the Great Spirit’s energy of insight into future events. You feel the ta situation is changing and your Soul is guiding you to step back and assess the situation before putting your full energy into it.

You are being guided to listen to your inner voice, that whisper you hear late at night that allows you to feel protected and at peace. Trust your instincts. You can’t go wrong.

Affirmation: “I am blessed in life and am so grateful of the life that I live. I am filled with Great Spirit’s energy and the Universal signposts that I receive each day. My life path is clear of past hurts and I step forward into my future with peace and calmness”.

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What does it mean when you find a Feather? 
What does it mean when you see a Feather falling in front of you? 
Do Feathers have healing powers? 
Whether you have been walking on your spiritual path for eons of time or just stepped forward, the information received was out of a need, and urge to learn more about what feathers mean, and why they sometimes magically appear.  
Are they here to teach us something about ourselves? 
Can feathers hold messages for us, that can unlock healing and change? 
Can they help with creativity and bring messages from beyond time and space? 
I believe they can. 
I believe they do. 
And by the end of this book, you will too.

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